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 XYZ 500 Right and Left Test Positioners with Screw Adjust

These Micropositioners are intended for probing applications in the testing and analysis of silicon wafers, substrates, and dies in the semiconductor industry.  It provides 3-axis motion with .500" movement on each axis. Motion is controlled by three screw adjustment knobs available in 40,  80, or 100 threads per inch.  Precision high-quality 440 stainless steel ball bearings allow precise linear motion on all three axis. Gibs and Slides are made of 440 stainless steel. Slide bases are made of aluminum anodized black. All of the units are shipped at 80 TPI unless otherwise specified.. A test positioners comes complete with magnetic base, short test arm holder and a test arm setup with a needle to do DC probing. Analog probing with our manipulators is easy.

The XYZ 500 Test micropositioner with screw adjust is available also in a Inline model.  The test micropositioner is used for industrial, medical, biological, semiconductor, and general scientific applications. There are many front end options available to adapt to various testing applications. These translation stages are available in any combination of XYZ or just X and Y.

Specifications for XYZ 500 Micropositioner with Screw Adjustment

Height: 3.00"
Weight: Shipping weight less than 2 lb.
Base footprint: 1.50" X 2.00"
Travel: X, Y, Z axis = .500"
Resolution: .01 mm per marking on the micrometers

Drawings for the XYZ 500 series micropositioners

The XYZ 500 TLS test positioners are assembled with the following parts

Key Benefits

  • Very fine position moves - less than one micron with motor option
  • Bearings for precise movement
  • Stable unit
  • Upgradeable


Description   Price
XYZ 500 TLS (left hand)   $970
XYZ 500 TRS (right hand)   $970
XYZ 500 TIS (inline)   $1,050

Options Available


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