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  XYZ 500 MIMT XYZ 500 MLMT Controller



Description   Price
20411 Controller   $2105
20412 Additional Cards 3 axis per card   $925

Our controller is running at 64 micro steps per full step of the hybrid stepping motors. Each card is capable of running 3 axis with an onboard microprocessor. Limits are an available option on the board also.

The Motorized CONTROLLER (P/N A-20411) will be offered with a joystick, power supply and one card to control 3 axis of movement. Up to 5 cards (A-20412) total can be included in the controller to control 5 separate 3 axis positioners. The controller can receive commands from the joystick or a personal computer through the USB port. The command language is very simple. It has many features built in and customizable per application.


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