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Part #20338

The compact Coaxial Probe is adaptable to any Quater XYZ-300 and XYZ-500 positioner. A-20340 COAXIAL PROBE assembly consist of a A-20338 TEST PROBE and A-20339 PROBE HOLDER.

Components are made out of brass and copper with a gold plated finish. Center conducter is tungsten wire with .120 taper angle and .0005 radius contact point. Supplied A-20337 SMA connector is compatible with RG-55, 142, 223, and 400 coaxial cables.

  •  RF/Microwave connector impedance: 50 Ohms
  •  Frequency range: 0-18 GHz
  •  Voltage rating: 500 V peak.

The A-20340 TEST PROBE Assembly is generally used in semiconductor, medical, geological and scientific applications.



This chart was provided by GE Labs  (click here for a larger picture)

There are drawings of these parts located in the drawing directory.


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