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The XYZ 500 MIMT is an inline version of our motorized manipulator. It has the capability to step in nanometer resolution. This is an open loop positioner. There are ways to add encoders if desired. Our customers enjoy the small footprint and 12 mm of travel to perform tests remotely instead of adjusting a knob to move the test needle around.


The XYZ 500 MLMT and MRMT are a less expensive version of the motorized 12 mm travel positioners. They have mounts for home sensors and offer faster speeds than the XYZ 500 MIMT. The MLMT and MRMT are assembled using a motor from Hayden Switch and Instrument.


The controller is capable of controlling up to 5 three axis micro positioners. It also has a serial port for external PC control. Since the control is made up using a micro processor that runs the micro stepping chips all the commands are sent at a low level. This makes operating the control simple and precise.


Quater Research and Development builds many types of micropositioner translation micromanipulator stages to fit most all of the probe stations designs built today. Here is a list of some of the probe stations our micro-positioners have been used on. Micromanipulator, SUSS Microtech, Cascade Microtech, Signatone, Wentworth, Rucker and Koll, Electroglas and many others. If we don't have what you are looking for please feel free to email us with any questions.


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