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Quater Research and Development partners with Probe Specialists in Morgan Hill California.

We have recently developed a new control for the Electroglas line of probers. The 1034x and 2001 parts are getting harder to find. We have been working on a new controller for the 1034x machines and was asked to incorporate the design into the EG 2001 machines.

With this project complete they are able to provide new probe stations to handle any size wafer customers required. The new control also allows more control over the wafer mapping and partial wafer probing solutions. Complete brochure on the new probe station


Quater R & D Stays ahead of the game....

As a manufacturer of micropositioners and translation stages we have been asked to adapt to many other brands of probes and probers. We have built probe arm holders for mounting Picoprobe or GGB type probes. Many of the Cascade Microtech and Suss Microtech probes will mount using these same arms also. We have quite a few options for reaching high chuck platforms such as the Micromanipulator probe stations and Suss. Check out the probe arm options available on this site.


Small company in Bend, Oregon takes on the world in High Tech solutions

Quater Research and Development has shown great leadership in designs for the hi-tech industry. High tech companies have given great praise for the innovative techniques Quater has used to solve their testing issues. They have incorporated several of the designs Quater has done around the globe in their many fabs. Quater Research and Development has been a supplier of analytical debug systems using the motorized XYZ 500 positioners to hit submicron traces along with the XYZ 2000 translation stage to move the precision optics around while working on the test heads. This system was a leap forward in the right direction. This system has evolved into many other configurations. Quater has offered a solution that is adaptable and continues to evolve.,,,,


Quater Research and Development builds many types of micropositioner translation micromanipulator stages to fit most all of the probe stations designs built today. Here is a list of some of the probe stations our micro-positioners have been used on. Micromanipulator, SUSS Microtech, Cascade Microtech, Signatone, Wentworth, Rucker and Koll, Electroglas and many others. If we don't have what you are looking for please feel free to email us with any questions.


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