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RF Probe options for Quater micromanipulators and micro positioners

Description   Price
20340 Coaxial Probe Assembly Kit   $200
20338 Replacement Coaxial Test Probe   $161
20339 Coaxial Probe Holder   $34
20505 RF Arm XZ Extension   $48
20504 RF Arm Planarity Adjust Assembly   $132
20508 RF Arm Tilt Adjust Assembly   $260
20525 Probe Adapter with Tilt and Swivel   $264
20533 RF Straight Drop   $51
20535 NEWS Adapter   $59
20545 Suss style front mount   $69
20601 Collet probe arm semi flexible with Coax Cable BNC connector   $210
20601-T Collet probe arm semi flexible with Triax cable and connector   $335

Micropositioner, Micro-positioner, translation stage, manipulator, and micromanipulator are also available.

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